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Jeu sympas mais court 1h30 grand max

Great game

Must have game! Great story and easy to play, but hard challenges! It is worth your money!!! Congratulations development team!

Story seems decent, controls are horrible

Actually a game worth buying... ... if the controls and the sensitivity would not be so horrible. I died countless of times not because the quizzes were undoable, but because the character jumps up instead of forward, walks instead of runs etc etc. This way, the game becomes unplayable for me and there are no settings for the controls (also no tutorial at the start). If you like to angrily shake your fists at the game frequently this is yours. But I ragequit. Too bad.

How the hell do you get past the spider!?

It was hard for me


I absolutely love this game it is one of my favourite games ever!!!

New update is awesome

Stop hating on it when I got the game it crashed 2 and that was it it worked perfectly fine after that :P

Amazing app

I would recommend to anyone


a side scroller which is quite original and intriguing, great puzzler. also, the ending....superb.

Beautiful game and story - absolutely worth every penny

I dont take the time to write reviews very often, when I do its because Ive been blown away by the experience. This game has a sinister mood that is well crafted and consistent. The story is told entirely without words and it adds to the ambiance of the game. The controls take some getting used to but I wouldnt consider reviewing it with one star less. Sure it would be much easier with a game pad but your buying an iOS game. So expect to use the touchscreen. Playing on an iPhone 6s the game ran smoothly. Sometimes it was tough to time the jumps just so but it was a blast to play regardless. Highly recommended! Well done guys!

Awesome, awesome game!

Played this on PS Vita and Steam. Saw it on iOS and though, Yep. Although the controls take a hit on the touch screen, they have been implemented in a way that takes only a little away from the enjoyment of the game. Love it when a quality console/PC game is ported to iPhone!??

Good game

I knew the xbox version, good game, but not long enough..

Silently Beautiful

This game is one of those quiet apps, where you are hesitant to buy it, but now you cant live without it. LIMBO is eerily remarkable, where the disturbing sounds and images are perfectly balanced by the ingenious problems and easy controls. This is a real review, and I really love LIMBO. Definitely worth the money.

Best scary game ever?

I love the game. It gives me a creepy, eery feeling that I just dont get in other games. I personally like to play the game in pitch black and with earbuds in.

EFF da negative reviews...GET THIS GAME!

My wife took a look at the newest game I was interested in and summed it up..."It looks like a modern spin in Mario Bros." Yes, but not at all!!! Yes, but, this game is elegant yet, creepy. Its artistically inspiring yet, morbid and almost too dark at times. It has a Mario Bros similarity, mixed with challenging mind obstacles along the way. Its eerie, yet...lovable and adorable. Its effing wicked! If you cannot work the controls, you are just not a good gamer and quick to judge. I LOVE THIS GAME.

No sound?

No sound and no instructions to know what the controls are. Waste of money

so boss

best game ever that i have playd

Just ok

Great game, awesome idea. But the controls are awful. Pushing and pulling items needs to be fixed. Otherwise this is a great game.


Doesnt work on iPhone 4 fix or money back!


I know all the controls but Im stuck on the spider each time I try to break its legs the third leg kills me.YOU NEED TO MAKE THE GAME MORE RESPONSIVE TO TOUCH!!!

Great! Except...

The controls can be extremely frustrating at times but youll learn to cope. The ending is extremely unsatisfying and left me feeling super disappointed.

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